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Starboard wingfoils 2022


Marco Boone

Subject New Products


In addition to a complete modifiedline of wind foils, Starboard also tackles the wingfoil segment. In addition to budget-friendly wind foils, there will be an improved version of the user-friendly Quick lock system and many new front wings. We now have all the new Starboard wingfoil material back in stock. We list the changes for you.

Quick Lock II, improves with trim capabilities

The Quick Lock system is a widely appreciated system that allows you to assemble a Starboard wingfoil within 1 minute. Due to structural adjustments to the Starboard Quick Lock II fuselage , the construction is now much stiffer and at the same time important trimming options are added to greatly increase the deployment range of the Starboard wingfoils. For the time being, the new system feels very solid. A review of our experiences on the water will follow shortly.

2 x stiffer and 2 x stronger

The front part of the fuselage on which the front wing is attached is about 30% thicker and a ‘lock lock’ has been added. This allows the front wing to move less. This makes the construction stiffer, so that the stability during wingfoiling is many times greater. Unfortunately, this means that the front wings model year 2021 and older no longer fit on the new Quick Lock II fuselage!. Fortunately, the diameter of the back of the fuselage remains the same, so that all the ‘old’ Starboard tail pieces just fit well.

Trim options with spaces

The Quick Lock II fuselage has become 2 cm longer on both sides. This makes it possible to slide specially developed spacers over it to increase the distance between the 2 wings. With the front spacer, the front wing is placed further forward and with the rear you place the tail piece backwards. This allows you to tune the Starboard wingfoils to your own taste.

These spacers are for sale as a separate set in our webshop.

Stiffer Starboard aluminium wingfoil masts

The Starboard V8 aluminum wingfoil masts are thicker, because the walls have become thicker. The masts are 3 cm narrower and the profile has become a lot more streamlined. These changes not only ensure a stiffer mast but also a better ‘glide’. Apart from the weight, the profile and foil properties are closer to the carbon masts.

The V8 Aluminium masts are available in lengths of 72, 82 and 92 centimetres and can be purchased as a separate V8 aluminium mast and as a complete mast set (including V8 top plate and Quick Lock II fuselages).

The masts are equipped with a new Starboard V8 Top plate that goes directly over the mast.

profile starboard aluminium mast v 8
V8 mast: Thicker and stiffer mast with aerodynamic profile
Starboard Topplate v8
Starboard Top Plate V8

Starboard high end race carbon mast

Wingfoilen is developing rapidly. Increasingly extreme tricks and also the racing discipline is developing rapidly. For racing, Starboard has introduced a carbon mast with top plate. This mast is very stiff and has a very thin profile to keep the resistance as small as possible. This Monolithic carbon Mast is available in 2 sizes; 82cm and 92cm length.

This mast can be combined with the Quick Lock II system or the Evolution fuselages.

Starboard wingfoil mast monolitic carbon 82 cm

Windfoil Evolution fuselage system for racing wingfoiling

With many brands, the fuselages and wings can be used for both wing foiling and wind foiling. Until now, almost all parts for wing foiling were different from wind foiling. That seems to be changing now. The new Starboard Evolution fuselages are also on the price list of wingfoil parts. Combine these fuselages with the Evolution front wings and back wings of wind foiling and you have a thoroughbred race set up. Especially for wing foiling, the 75 cm and 85 cm Evolution fuselages have been added to the list.

Starboard Glass, new budget line Starboard Wingfoils 2022

For a Starboard wingfoil with full carbon wings you quickly pay more than € 1400 to € 1600, depending on the type and size of the front wing. For the people who do not necessarily want carbon wings, Starboard comes with a range of ‘step’ wingfoils, where the blades are not made of carbon, but of less vulnerable pre-preg glass sandwich and the Quick Lock fuselage has been replaced by a conventional fuselage. These wingfoils can be recognized by the dark blue wings (we think they look very cool). The Starboard Glass wingfoils cost € 1,149.

We will use the Starboard Glass wingfoils for our lessons in 2022!

Reviews about the new Starboard wingfoil material follow!

Soon we will post several reviews about the new Starboard wingfoil material. So keep an eye on our site and / or sign up for our newsletter.

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