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Windfoil & Wingfoil material testing

Make a test appointment at Windfoilen Nederland to try out windfoil and wingfoil material

Foil material test 2 hours from € 50,-

Unique in the Netherlands! At Windfoilen Nederland you can test a wide range of wind foil and wingfoil material. We are happy to advise you on what suits you best and you can then test that material with us in Almere on the Gooimeer.

During 2 hours you can try out various wind foils, wingfoils, boards, wings and riggings. Make a selection of the material you are going to test in advance based on your wishes. You do not have to be a PRO to test material, but we do expect you to be skilled enough to be able to wind foil and/or wingfoil responsibly with the selected material.

We have an extensive range of the following brands available for testing.

Wind / Windfoils

  • Starboard
  • IQfoil
  • F4 Foils
  • Severne
  • AK Durable Supply & Co
F4 foils Freeride carbon wind foil
AK wingfoil Plasma Carbon

Wind/ Wingfoil Boards

  • Starboard
  • IQfoil
  • Severne
  • AK Durable Supply
AK Tracer V3

Wings / Rigging

  • Severne
  • IQfoil
  • Starboard x Airush
Severne Foil glide 3
Starboard X Airush Freewing Go orange blue
Severne Foil glide 3-action-3

Test prices from € 50,- for 2 hours

  • For all materials mentioned above we charge € 50,- for 2 hours per item.
  • If you want to test various boards for 2 hours, it costs € 50,-.
  • If you also want to test foils, we charge 50% extra. So € 75,- for 2 hours.
  • If you also want to test sails / wings, we also charge 50% extra, so € 100 for 2 hours.

To prevent you from losing sight of the forest for the trees, we advise you to limit the number of items to be tested to a maximum of 4 spread over 2 hours.

Any damage to the material is at your own risk.

Money back when purchasing equipment

If you decide to purchase the material from us after the test, we will deduct the amount paid from the purchase value of the material.

Selection of material to be tested

Based on your experience, wishes and ‘foilstyle’, we make a list together with the material that best suits your wishes and the wind conditions.

We then ensure that the material is neatly tuned, so that you can immediately go on the water. If you want to change in the meantime or adjust the setup, we are happy to help you with that.

At our test center you can use the changing room and afterwards you can shower for free. There is plenty of space for free parking.

F4 Foils freeride wingfoil review 2

Days & Time testing

  • Testing is always by appointment!!
  • From April to October
  • Weekdays from 13:00 – 17:00
  • Weekends from 13:00
  • Wind conditions:
    • Windfoiling 8-18 knots wind
    • Wingfoiling 8-24 knots wind

Location testing material

Wind foiling The Netherlands

Gooimeerdijk West, Surfstrand Haven 2, Almere

Teaching location-Almere-Haven

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