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Rental conditions and insurance

Renting wind foil & wingfoil material is possible with a valid id, which you must hand in as a deposit! Windfoilen Netherlands strives to give damage-free materials to you. Together we check this in advance and we will mark any damage together with you. If you suffer damage while sailing, you have the possibility to purchase damage to the material.

Check your material in advance

Are you insured? Then this only costs you € 50,- own risk

In case of damage

Aren’t you insured? Then this will cost you;

Damage to wind foil €200
Hole in board€150
Tear in sail / wing€100
Foilbox broken€150
Mast broken€150
Boom broken / broken€100
Foil damaged / broken€100

Water sports insurance VDWS SAFETY TOOL

If you want to avoid the above, we recommend that the ideal insurance for boaters be taken out. You can take out this insurance quickly and easily (German internationally recognized organisation). The premium for a whole year costs € 39.00 and covers damages at all windsurf rental companies. Damage cases up to € 1,500.00 are covered with an excess from € 50.00 per claim. Worldwide coverage at any surf rental center.

On the VDWS site you will find all the terms of vDWS Safety insurance and you can take out the insurance immediately

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