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Private lessons wind or wingfoiling

The fastest and most effective way to learn

Private lesson wind or wingfoiling – € 59,- per hour p.p. (minimum 2 hours)

Do you want to get maximum attention and make the fastest progress? With a private lesson in wind foiling or wingfoiling you are guaranteed to get the hang of it quickly under the guidance of CWO certified instructors. Or do you want to improve your technique or learn that ultimate tric? Then we will get to work based on a tailor-made plan for you.

The private lessons cost € 59,- per hour per person, with a minimum lesson duration of 2 hours. The price does not include the use of wind foil or wingfoil material. We give private lessons to a maximum of 2 people at a time.

private lesson wingfoilen

Lesson design learning wind foiling or wingfoiling

If you want to learn wind foiling or wingfoiling, we always start the private lesson with a short theoretical explanation.

Before you go on the water with the instructor, we look together at the adjustment of your equipment, so that we are sure that you go on the water with the best possible set up.

For most of the lesson you are practicing on your own set and you will receive direct feedback and / or instructions from the instructor.

Advanced private lesson wind foiling or wingfoiling

Do you want to improve technique or do you want to learn the foiling hostage or improve the tuning of your set up? You can also contact us for this. Based on your wishes, the lesson plan will be coordinated with you.

After a short theoretical instruction and/or tuning of the material, you will go on the water together with the instructor. The instructor will give you feedback and instructions on the water.

Most of the private lessons you are practicing on your own set.

private lesson wind foiling

Costs private lessons & rent wind foil or wingfoil material

If you do not have your own material or would prefer to take lessons on our material, you can rent top material from the brands Starboard, Severne, AK, and F4 Foils for your lesson. You can also rent a wetsuit and helmet from us. Below you will find an overview of the costs.

ItemCost per hour
Private lessons per hour (minimum 2 hours) € 59,-
Rent board + foil € 28,-
Rent wing / rigging / board / foil€ 17,-
Wetsuit € 5,-
Harnass / Life jacket / Shoes / Helmet€ 3,-

Our teaching and testing locations

Windfoilen Nederland uses 2 locations where the lessons are given and where wind foil and wingfoil material can be tested by appointment. The location where the lesson or test appointment takes place is determined based on the wind forecast and wind direction.

Location Gooimeer Almere Haven

Our ‘home base’ spot. With the most wind conditions and wind directions, the activities take place in Almere on the Gooimeer.

The water is deep enough everywhere to foil safely. Via a sandy beach you can easily get on the water.

You can also use the changing room and showers of the windsurfing club. There is enough space to park (for free).

Address: Gooimeer Almere Haven: Gooimeerdijk West, Surfstrand Haven 2, 1353 CT Almere Haven.

Hookipabeach location Windfoilen Netherlands as the crow flies

Location Hoekipadijk Markermeer Lelystad

This location in Lelystad is an ideal location where especially north to northeast wind directions can be foiled. Via a sandy beach of about 20 meters wide you can easily enter the Markermeer. At this location it is sufficiently deep everywhere for wing or wind foiling. In addition, we do not suffer from aquatic plants in the summer season.

At this location there is plenty of (free) parking space.

Address: Hoekipadijk is: Markerstrekdam 2, 8242 NA Lelystad.

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