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Testing wind foil or wingfoil equipment

Are you considering buying your own wingfoil or wingfoil equipment and do you first want to discover what suits you? Then first try the v with us at a lesson and rental location. During 2 hours you can test various wind foils, wingfoils, boards or wind foil riggings without obligation at the regular rental rate. On the page Windfoil Guide you can read more about the various types of wind foils, boards and sails. Because by now there are already a lot of wind foils on the market. We are happy to help you on your way with expert advice.

Here you will find the rental rates of the wind foil equipment and on this page the rental rates for the wingfoil equipment.

Upon purchase, rental amount will be settled

If you purchase material from us immediately after you have tested it, you do not have to pay rent. If you later still purchase material from us, we will draw the rental amount from the purchase price. That is our unique service!

On the rental page you will find an overview with the available wind foils that we have lying around. You can also take wind foil lessons with us, see our offer on the Windfoil lesson page. During the lessons you can also try out multiple wind foils.

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