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Wingfoil introduction lesson

Get to know this spectacular form of surfing at Windfoilen Nederland

Introduction lesson wingfoiling – 1,5 hours for only € 92,-

During the wingfoil introduction lesson you will get acquainted with wingfoiling in a lesson of 1.5 hours. After a short introduction you will go on the water together with the instructor and experience how spectacular and fun wingfoiling is. You follow the clinics on wingfoil equipment from Windfoilen Nederland. We have top material from Starboard, AK and F4 Foils. The costs are only € 92,- including the use of the material.

We give instructions under the guidance of experienced and enthusiastic instructors. In small groups of up to 4 participants you will receive professional instructions and you will get acquainted with wing foiling in a safe and good way. Of course, every participant has access to his own wingfoil set during the lessons. The use of the wingfoilset and a helmet is included in the price. In addition, a wetsuit can be rented. The introduction lesson is structured as follows;


We start with the explanation of the operation of the wing and the basic instructions for on the water

  • Theory operation wing & pump technology
  • Holding & being able to turn over wing
  • Get on and stand up
  • Maintaining balance
  • Sailing away and steering

Handling with the wing

You hold the wing in a special way and the pressure also feels different than a windsurf sail or kite. On the beach we start learning to hold the wing

  • Practice holding wing
  • Powering and de-powering the wing
  • Practice flipping wing
  • Practicing pump movement with wing

Making speed on the water

Most of the lesson we practice on the water. On wingfoilboards of about 140 liters we learn to keep our balance and make speed.

  • Get on and stand up
  • Maintaining balance
  • Sailing away and steering
  • Making and steering sufficient speed

Dates Wingfoil introduction lesson

  • Saturday 8 June ’24
  • Saturday 29 June ’24
  • Saturday 21 September ’24
  • Private lessons are always possible

Lesson times Wingfoil introduction lesson

Clinics will be given on the 3 different lesson dates at the following times:

  1. Clinic 1:10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
  2. Clinic 2: 12:30 PM – 14:00 PM
  3. Clinic 3: 15:00 PM – 16:30 PM

Costs participation wingfoil introduction lesson & rent

ItemCost per lesson
Introduction lesson wingfoiling (incl wingfoilboard, foil, wing and helmet)€ 92,-
Rent wetsuit*€ 9,-
Rent surf shoes* / life jacket*€ 5,-
* If you do not have this yourself

Frequently asked questions learning wingfoiling

How many lessons do I need?

Do you need to be able to windsurf to learn wingfoiling?

How old do you have to be to participate in the wingfoil lessons?

Is learning wingfoiling heavy and intensive?

How can I best prepare for wingfoiling?

What happens to the lesson if there is too little or too much wind?

What is the maximum group size?

Simply book the introduction to wingfoiling

Step 1

Fill in the form and choose the date on which you want to take the wingfoil introduction lesson. And whether you want to rent a wetsuit.

Step 2

After you have completed the booking form, you will receive a confirmation of your registration within 24 hours.

Step 3

One day before the lesson you will receive an e-mail. If the lesson does not take place because of the wind, your lesson will continue to the next scheduled date.

Step 4

You pay for the introductory lesson at the location at the start of the course, preferably with PIN.

Our teaching and testing locations

Windfoilen Nederland uses 2 locations where the lessons are given and where wind foil and wingfoil material can be tested by appointment. The location where the lesson or test appointment takes place is determined based on the wind forecast and wind direction.

Location Gooimeer Almere Haven

Our ‘home base’ spot. With the most wind conditions and wind directions, the activities take place in Almere on the Gooimeer.

The water is deep enough everywhere to foil safely. Via a sandy beach you can easily get on the water.

You can also use the changing room and showers of the windsurfing club. There is enough space to park (for free).

Address: Gooimeer Almere Haven: Gooimeerdijk West, Surfstrand Haven 2, 1353 CT Almere Haven.

Lesson location Almere Haven nw logo
Lesson location Tulpeiland Zeewolde nw logo

Location: Tulpeiland Zeewolde

This location in Zeewolde is an ideal location where foiling is very good with wind directions from North to Southeast. You can easily enter the water via a sandy beach of about 20 meters wide.

Due to a breakwater 100 meters from the shore, the water is almost always flat. Ideal for learning wing foiling or wind foiling. At this location it is sufficiently deep everywhere for wing- or wind foiling.

At this location there is plenty of (free) parking space.

Address: Zeewolderdijk, Zeewolde. Coordinates: 52.348000, 5.537199

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