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Wing foil lessons

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Wind foil lessons

Wind foil sales

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Testing wingfoil & windfoil material

Unique in the Netherlands! At Windfoilen Nederland you will experience an extensive selection of equipment for yourself. Let us advise you for the perfect match, and then test it out for yourself on the beautiful Gooimeer in Almere.

During 2 hours you can try out various wind foils, wing foils, boards, wings and rigs. Because we are happy to give you all the attention, the testing of material is always by appointment.

Fiona wingfoiling testing
IQfoil specialst zw

IQfoil specialist

Windfoilen Nederland is specialized in supplying the Olympic IQfoil one design equipment for both the senior class and the youth /junior IQfoil class.

We deliver the material quickly and safely throughout the Netherlands. We have a lot of experience with all IQfoil material and can advise you well.

View IQfoil material in our website and order directly online.

  • Complete sets for Senior, Youth and Junior class
  • Loose parts
  • Spare parts
  • Feel free to call us for tips & advice

Passion for wing foiling and wind foiling

Windfoilen Nederland, driven by a team of passionate wind foilers and wing foilers, offers professional wind foil and wing foil lessons. We guarantee that you will learn how to foil with us.

In addition, as a reputable dealer, we provide expert advice on the best wind and wing foil material for you.

Discover the world of foiling and get inspired by our enthusiastic team!

Wing- and wind foil lessons

We offer lessons for anyone who wants to learn wing and wind foiling. Based on your level, we make an estimate of how many lessons you need.

  • Learn how to foil wings or winds quickly and well
  • Professional instructors
  • Not good, money back

IQfoil specialist

We specialize in the IQfoil unit classes. Deliver all the IQfoil material throughout the whole and are happy to give you advice

  • Official dealer
  • Knowledge class rules
  • Delivery throughout the EU

Online store

We sell wind and wingfoil material that we support ourselves and have experience with. We can therefore advise you optimally on which material suits you.

  • Secure shipping throughout the EU
  • Directl available from stock
  • Above € 200,- free shipping in NL

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