Severne HyperGlide 6 slalom

Severne HyperGlide 6 slalom

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The Severne HyperGlide 6 has been developed especially for the PWA Slalom Racing format. Compared to the previous model, the sail has been further optimized for an even better performance. The Severne HyperGlide 6 is available in 4 sizes.

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Severne HyperGlide 6 Slalomfoil sail

The Severne HyperGlide 6 is a stems from the successful Hyperglide/ HGO sailing. The sail has been further developed especially for the new PWA Slalom Racing format. Compared to the previous model, a lot of changes have been made to the sail. This makes the sail even more stable, faster and generates more power.

The sail is about 5% lighter than the Severne HGOs and faster due to the flatter profile. In addition, the sail has more leech. The high aspect design has also been taken to the extreme for more control. Ideal for reaching coarses wind foiling.

The sail is available in 4 sizes; 6.0 m2, 7.0 m2, 8.0 m2 and 9.0 m2. All sizes have 7 slats and 4 cambers. Read our findings in our review.

Updates compared to previous model

  • More downhaul stress for more stable pressure point and more skin tention
  • The sail has become slightly flatter, for less resistance at high speed
  • The cambers rotate extremely easily
  • Less loose leach in the top, ensures very quick and easy planting


Severne Hyper Glide 6 for whom?

  • This sail is for the experienced wind foiler who wants to foil slalom and foil competitions
  • This sail is less suitable for up- and down wind foiling
  • This sail requires a high performance wind foil, such as the Starboard Slalom foil or F4 Foils Slalom Race
  • The best match with the Hyperglide 6 is a slalom foil board like the Starboard X-15
  • The more recreational wind foiler has more fun with the Severne Foilglide

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