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Freeride wind foil boards


Marco Boone



The Starboard Freeride foil 150 model 2022 has been completely renewed. The FMX Veloce is new from this performace focused brand and the Severne Alien 145 is a slightly cheaper version of the carbon versions of the Alien that we already knew. Of all 3 boards there are heavier and lighter variants for sale. Of all 3 boards we have the heaviest (read also strongest) variant in use for our lessons and rental.

Time to list everything about the properties and differences of these 3 wind foil boards. We test as much as possible with the same foils (Starboard Freeride and Superflyer to eliminate the differences and we have also tested the Severne Alien with the Severne Redwing foil.

Starboard Freeride 150 Starlite Carbon

Price € 1,899 | Length 208 cm | Width 85 cm | Volume 150 liters | Weight 10,9 kg | Starlite – Carbon

The Starboard Freeride 150 Starlite has been the undisputed sales hit in the wind foil freeride segment in recent years. The boards were selling really well. Rightly so because it was a very fine and strong wind foil board. The model has remained unchanged for 2 years. But for 2022, the board has been completely renewed. The Starboard Freeride 150 is the cheapest and heaviest board of the 3. The quality of the starlite construction has more than proven itself, so we dare to say that the board is also the strongest.

The board has not only become shorter, but the shape of the board is completely different. It is clear to see that Starboard has taken the experiences with the IQfoilboards into account in the development of this board. The ‘cut aways’ on the back of the board make it even easier to get into plané and ‘pop’ the board up.

The number of rows of foot straps plugs has unfortunately decreased. The finish of the board looks more qualitative than model 2021.


On the water, the board rises faster and easier than its predecessor and the board also feels more playful/ light-footed than the old model. Furthermore, it is striking that many of the good qualities, such as stability, predictable behavior have been retained. The board still feels very all-round and does very well in a very wide wind range. What is also (fortunately) preserved is the fact that the type of foil that you place under the board also determines the character of the board. So if you put a Starboard Supercruiser under the board, then the board becomes more playful and you have to stand up straighter, with the Starboard Freeride foil you can hang out a little more and cruise back and forth. If you put a racing foil under the board, you can freeracing and sail up and down wind and the board is really fast. That makes this board an almost-everything-canner!

The board is only 208 cm long. Going overboard requires just a little more concentration than before. With an unexpected nosedrop, the tip of the board can sometimes dive just too deep into the water, so you can get a catapult. There the old board did better we think.

What we have seen before is that the higher weight of a wind foil board is less important than with regular windsurfing, but the Starboard Alien and FMX Veloce get away in the lower wind range just ff earlier.

Severne Alien 145 HD / Severne Redwing foil

Price € 2,099 | Length 210 cm | Width 80 cm | Volume 145 liters | Weight 8,3 kg | Glass Fiber-Carbon

The shape of the Alien boards has not changed compared to 2021. In 2021, they were only available in the more expensive full carbon versions. In 2020 we have already been able to test the Alien 115 liter variant once. This year there are 2 variants ‘in between’. A variant with 120 liters and the Severne Alien with 145 liters that we tested. These boards are € 350 to € 400 cheaper than the full carbon versions but stronger due to the use of glass fiber.

With the grey paint combined with the red/orange we still find this board very cool to look at. We also get the same reactions from other people when they see the board. Despite the fact that this is the ‘heavier’ version, the board is still very light at almost 8.5 kg. A mix of glass fiber and carbon ensures that this board can really take a beating.

In addition to the Starboard foils, we also test this board with the Severne Redwing foil. During our previous test we clearly noticed that the board worked best with the Severne Redwing foil.

Severne Alien 145 shape

We are the first to go on the water with the Severne Redwing foil under the board. And again we immediately notice how easily this board comes up. In addition to the hefty front wing of 1400 cm2, this is due to the fact that the foot straps are relatively far back, the mast rail is also relatively far back. That means that this board with little wind comes up wonderfully easily and can also handle smaller sails. With this set-up we are relatively straight up. Because everything is positioned so far back, the board has a very playful character. The board invites you to play and turn 360’s. The board is certainly in combination with the Redwing not very fast. This set up tends more towards the freestyle segment. A different wind foil makes a difference, but the set up of the board is so different that it cannot hide its true nature.

With little wind it is therefore very relaxed wind foiling and lighter people can then really extremely fast wind foiling. If the wind blows a bit harder, you have less control (again thanks to the set up of the board). The Starboard Freeride 150 then clearly gives more control and therefore also confidence. Meanwhile, there are also larger and smaller front wings and back wings for the Severne Red back available, which is a good addition to increase the range of use of the set.

FMX Veloce GTS 134

Price € 2,199 | Length 226 cm | Width 85 cm | Volume 134 liters | Weight 8,7 kg | PVC sandwich with fiberglass

FMX racing is a new ‘upcoming’ brand that positions itself as a ‘performance’ oriented brand. The FMX Veloce GTS 134 is a freerace oriented freeride foilboard that is relatively long and thin. As a result, the volume is slightly lower than with the other 2 boards. The footband positions are a little further back compared to the Starboard Freeride, but not as far as with the Alien. The mast rail there and against is relatively far forward. Beyond the Starboard Freeride and Severne Alien. Furthermore, the board looks sleek and qualitative. What is striking is that the anti-slip is very coarse. Climbing up the board with bare knees really doesn’t feel good.

FMX veloce shape

On the water, the board feels very light and goes up quickly. The footband positions that are relatively far back are partly to blame for this. With the Freeride foil, this board foils very nicely and also feels very playful. The board requires a little better technique and the board challenges you a little more than the Starboard Freeride. The board thought you were going faster. Because the board is slightly longer than an average foilboard, the board glides nicely when you make a nose drop. That’s a nice thought!

If the wind blows a bit harder, we have to hang more forward to check the elevator. We already have the foot straps in the front position, but we feel that we want to stand even more forward. Especially in combination with the mast rail that is relatively far forward, we do not easily find a nice posture during foiling.

We clearly notice the challenging nature of this board. We would have liked to have tested this board with the Starboard GTR slalom foil , but the foilbox does not fit a ‘4-kante’ deep tuttle base. The top of the foil box slopes diagonally, so we would also have to cut off the top of our foil. That’s just going too far for us. We have the impression that this board can sometimes work very well with a slalom foil.

The differences of these 3 freeride foilboards at a glance

Severne Alien 145 HD
  • Rises fastest
  • Most playful board
  • Best in collaboration with Severne Redwing foil
  • Freestyle-Freeride oriented
  • Least fast board
  • The lightest board
Starboard Freeride 150
  • Most all-round board
  • Widest range of applications
  • Lots of control and stability
  • Foil type determines board properties
  • The heaviest and cheapest board
FMX Veloce GTS 134
  • Comes up quickly
  • Foot strap/mast rail position not optimal
  • Freeride – freerace oriented
  • The fastest board

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