Starboard Freeride Alu Foil EVO

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The Starboard Freeride Aluminium Evolution foil (model 2023) is the ultimate freeride wind foil and has an aluminium mast of 85 cm and an aluminium fuselage of 95cm with wings of C300 carbon. The Starboard Freeride Aluminium Evolution foil is intended for novice and experienced freeride wind foilers. Still our favorite in the freeride segment!

NEW! The Starboard Freeride foil available in 2 variants.

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The Starboard Freeride Aluminium Evolution foil (model 2023) is the freeride model, with an aluminium mast of 85 cm. The Starboard Freeride EVO foil is intended for freeride oriented foilers. This is a great wind foil to get the wind foiling quickly and well and you’re not just looking forward to this either. The blades are relatively large, so you can not only rise quickly, but also easily get stable. This is a particularly widely deployable and forgiving windfoil.

NEW! Starboard Freeride wind foil available in 2 variants

  • Starboard Freeride 1100 -> front wing 1.100 cm2 and back wing 500 cm2
  • Starboard Freeride 1500 -> front wing 1.500 cm2 and back wing 500 cm2

With this foil you can fly around 9 knots already and an experienced windfoil can foil up to at least 24 knots with this. The large wings and its shape contribute to this and provide more stability and easier ‘take off’ with little wind.

Our findings about the Starboard Freeride aluminium Evolution foil:

+ Due to the large blades very stable and forgiving
+ Flying around 9 knots already (with the 1500 cm2 front wing before)
+ Very good construction
+ Can upgrade wind foil by purchasing loose parts
+ For novice and experienced wind foiler who want to cruise at speed

– Not very fast
– No storage bag is supplied

Who is the Starboard Freeride Aluminium EVO foil suitable for?

+ This windfoil is suitable for novice and experienced windfoilers who want to windfoil relaxed, where speed is not the most important thing.
+ Those who like to wind up back and forth, both with little and more wind
+ Windfoilers who want to foil in flat indoor water



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