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Severne Foil Glide FGO Review


Marco Boone



The Severne Foilglide FGO is directly derived from the FoilGlide 2 (model 2021/2022). The Severne FGO is specially developed for the new youth IQfoil one design class. Compared to the regular Severne FoilGlide 2, this sail has been reinforced in several places. The reason, of course, is that the athletes will use these sails very intensively and by strengthening the wear-sensitive spots the Severne FGO’s should be able to last longer. The extra reinforcements are the Severne FGO sails about 150 to 200 grams heavier than the regular Foilglide 2. We go out on to the water to experience the differences compared to the Foilglide 1 that we have tested before.

1 batten and 1 camber extra for more stable profile

IQfoil FGO 5.0 m2 | Mast length: 432 cm (430 RDM mast) | Boom length: 172 cm | Weight: 3.45 kg | 5 battens – 3 cambers.
IQfoil FGO 6.0 m2 | Mast length: 464 cm (460 RDM mast) | Boom length: 188 cm | Weight: 4.00 kg | 5 battens – 3 cambers.
IQfoil FGO 7,0 m2 | Mast length: 488 cm (460 RDM mast) | Boom length: 204 cm | Weight: 4.25 kg | 5 battens – 3 cambers.

The biggest difference between the Foil Glide of 2020 and the FGO is that all 3 sizes now have 1 extra bar and 1 extra camber. Yes the sail has become about 300 to 400 grams heavier, but from the extra weight we notice nothing. What is noticeable is that the profile is much more stable and that the sail has less loose leach in the top (especially at the 6.0 m2 and 7.0 m2). On the side the sails are ‘tighter’. What has remained happy is how the sail rotates. Still very, very easy. Because of the more stable profile we expect the sail to have more racing characteristics and also become faster with more wind.

Severne FGO major upgrade during wind gusts

The power of the Foilglide 1 was mainly in the lower wind range. In particular, the 7.0 m2 was quickly overpowered when the wind reached 12 knots or more. How different it is now! The sails still provide a lot of low-end power. The sails don’t seem to have surrendered anything there. But during windfoiling the sails feel much more stable and as the wind increases the pressure stays in place and the power is converted to speed. The 5.0 m2 and 6.0 m2 were already very good and nice to wind foil with and this is now even better. The leach doesn’t vibrate anymore. A better balance in the sail. It’s still not a full foilrace sail, for that you have to purchase the Severne Hyperglide. The sail retains its freeride/freerace properties happily!

The upgrade in the Severne FGO in the 7.0 m2 is even bigger. In particular, the stability has been greatly improved, making this sail to use up to 18 knots without any problems. More is possible, but then we recommend to put a trim system on your boom and place a thicker spacer on the cambers (this makes the pressure even more fixed in the sail).

Additional reinforcements useful for longer life

Because the FGO is made for the new IQfoil youth unit class, the sail is extra reinforced (and will remain in the range in the coming years without any changes). The sails for the athletes are of course used much more intensively than a recreational wind foiler. The talents in the RTC (Regional Training Centre) in Almere train on average 3 times a week, summer and winter. And this in addition to the competitions they sail.

Nevertheless, we think that the Severne FGO may also be a better alternative for the recreational wind foiler than the more vulnerable Foil Glide 2. We found the FoilGlide 1 to be very fragile and wear-sensitive. Especially the spots under the boom (there the sail often slides over the anti-slip of a board) at the FoilGlide 1 worn out quite quickly.

These are the reinforcements that Severne has applied.

  • protection strips on the lower sail batten
  • extra protection (kevlar strips) on the seams at the bottom of the sail
  • extra reinforcements on the mast sleeve at the cambers
  • and the bottom panel is from X-ply instead of just monofilm.

Severne Foil Glide 2 also in 8,0 m2!

Good news for fans of windfoilen with very little wind. From the Severne FoilGlide 2 comes an 8.0 m2. Important to know is that the 8.0 m2 gets 4 cambers and 6 battens. You still sail this sail on a 460 cm RDM mast. So the problem we had last year with the 7.0m2 will certainly not happen with the FoilGlide 2 8.0 m2. In April we expect our demo sail and we will certainly test this sail in direct comparison with the Severne HyperGlide Olympic 8.0 m2.

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