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Windfoilen Netherlands trains RTC talents


Marco Boone

Subject Race news


Windfoilen Nederland will train the talents with wind foiling in close cooperation with rtc windsurfing. A wind foil training will be organised once a week until the end of November. The immediate reason is that from 2024 the wind foiling will become the new Olympic discipline to replace the current RS:X.

Of course, 2024 is still a long way off, but the RTC and also the water sports association believes that it is important to start investing in wind foiling now, so that the athletes remain connected to the competition and it ensures that the athletes are ‘trained’ in a versatile way.

The trainings are always organised on the Gooimeer from the surf beach in Almere Haven. Preliminary discussion starts at 15:00 and the training lasts until 18:00. A short follow-up follow-up follows. During the training sessions, photos and video recordings are taken for the after discussion.

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