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Starboard Fuselage 105 cm plus review


Marco Boone



Starboard’s list of wind foil parts has been long and now the Starboard 105 cm plus fuselage is added. This brings this fuselage exactly between 115 cm plus and 95cm plus fuselage. Or isn’t it?

Extended version of the 95 cm +

The pictures are already betraying it. The position of the front wing determines for 80 to 90% the degree of lift that the wind foil generates. The back wing also does something, but is largely there for stability. What is immediately noticeable is that the front wing of the Starboard fuselage is 105 cm plus only 1 cm more than the well-known 95 cm plus fuselage. Of course, the back wing is automatically 9 cm further back. So in terms of foil properties, this fuselage is very similar to the Starboard 95 cm plus fuselage,but this fuselage does ensure a more stable wind foil behavior because it is 10 cm longer. And length provides stability!

Same position as the old 115 cm fuselage

Compared to the 115 cm plus fuselage, the front wing is 7 centimeters back. Note: the loyal readers of our blogs will remember that the front wing of the 115 cm plus fuselage is positioned exactly 7 cm forward compared to the old (black) fuselage 115 cm. Of course the back wing is 10 cm further forward, that is. So the lift of the 105 cm plus is similar to the old 115 cm fuselage but the 105 cm + is slightly less stable foiling than the 115 cm. The big advantage is that you can trim with the back wing, something that could not be done with the old 115 cm.

Briefly, you can say that this new fuselage is a shorter and trimable version of the old 115 cm fuselage. Various PWA riders can be seen with the 105 cm plus or the old 115 cm slalom foils!

What is the Starboard fuselage 105 cm plus for?

Primarily, this fuselage is intended for slalom wind foiling. With slalom wind foiling, a lot of lift is less important, but you want to be able to wind foil stable. Before that, the current 95 cm plus was too unstable. That makes the 105 cm plus extremely suitable for slalom wind foils. Equivalent lift compared to 95 cm plus and more stability.

Between the lines you have already read that the old 115 cm fuselage is perfectly suitable for slalom foiling. Only then, of course, the back wing cannot be trimmed. So you still have an old 115 cm fuselage and you want to go slalomfoiling, just do it! We do advise to purchase the Starboard 255cm -2 back wing . Due to the other angle of the back wing, this results in a lot of speed gain.

Also for more stable Free riding/Free racing (for heavier windfoilers)

Because the front wing is almost in the same place as with the 95 cm plus fuselage, the 105 cm plus fuselage is also suitable for upgrading your existing wind foil, such as the Freeride, GT or GT-R. This gives your wind foil more lift and you can use wind foils more stable, without the wind foil getting extreme properties. The 105 cm plus is really recommended for the heavier wind foils (> 90 kg).

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