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Using SUP for wing surfing


Marco Boone

Subject Our experiences


Wing foiling is booming. It seems like everyone wants to learn it this year. Flying above the water is the ultimate goal for many. The first step is wingsurfing, learning how to deal with the wing and learning how to get enough speed out of it. This is also a regular part of the lesson with us. In this blog we give you some tips on how you can easily get started yourself and at the same time have a lot of fun.

Balance and buoyancy for wingsurfing

In addition to getting used to the wing, which really feels different from a windsurfing sail or kite, it is important to find a good balance. Many students have to get used to ‘being loose’ on a surfboard and at the same time keep the wing in the air. We use the good old beginner surfboard with sword for our first lesson. The buoyancy gives a lot of stability. And the sword ensures that you do not wear (or that you do not drift too much, so that you can not come back).

Which boards are suitable for this

As discussed above, all ‘old school’ board with a sword work very well. A SUP with a center fin or sword also do well. We see that many people like it when there is not enough wind to foil just to wingsurf back and forth on the SUP. With a little bit of wind you will soon come to the windshield. If you are considering buying a SUP and do you also want to go wingsurfing with this, buy that a board with center vinbox.

Easily adjust a SUP

Do you have a SUP that has no center fin on it or no sword? No problem, you can easily buy an ‘after market’ vinbox and mount it approximately in the middle of your SUP. This can be done on a hard board as well as inflatable SUP. If you have an inflatable SUP, we advise you to have the vinbox mounted by a RIP repairer. Then you can be sure that the right glue is used.

Often a fin is also sold with the vinbox. If this is not the case, you can buy a fin for a US box at every windsurfing shop. Note, the larger the fin, the better the course stability of the SUP will be

Where can you buy this

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