Starboard X-15 Foil Slalom

Starboard X-15 Foil Slalom

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Slalom foiling is the big development within wind foiling. Starboard has a range of carbon slalom foil boards that are optimized to be able to wind foil full speed half wind and down wind. The Starboard X-15 Foil Slalomboards are available in 2 versions.


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Starboard X-15 Foil Slalom Boards

  • Starboard X-15 Foil Slalom 85: 210 cm L | 85 cm W | 176 L Volume | 9.1 kg
  • Starboard X-15 Foil Slalom 91: 210 cm L | 91 cm W | 189 L Volume | 9.8 kg

Slalom foiling is the big development within wind foiling. Starboard has a range of carbon slalom foil boards that are optimized for full speed half wind and down wind foiling. In the PWA you can no longer do without a slalom foil set. Up to about 24 knots of wind, the slalom wind foil board is unbeatable.


Starboard X-15 Foil Slalomboards for high speed wind foiling

The racing foilboards, such as the IQfoil 95, have been developed to have as much lift as possible, so that you can foil as high as possible upwind or as deep as possible down wind. Half wind foiling is not the easiest course. The Starboard X-15 Foil slalom boards are designed to foil half wind or down wind as quickly as possible with less effort.

The mast track and footband position and the X-15 slalom foil boards are optimized for slalom foiling, so you have good control with both low wind and wind. The back of the Starboard X-15 is as wide as the widest point of the board.

Compared to the previous model, the deck is almost flat and the bottom has also become flatter. Due to the higher speeds of slalom foiling, aerodynamics are very important. To prevent you from getting a catapult with a nose drop, the nose of the board is equipped with an extreme V-shape, so that when touching down the board immediately bounces off the water into the air.

Who are the Starboard foil slalom boards for?

The Starboard foil slalom boards have been developed for riders who want to be the fastest on the water and especially want to foil half wind or down wind. You have the best performance if you choose a foilset up with front wings that have a surface area of up to 750cm2 or smaller with a small high aspect back wing.

With this set up, do not expect that you can already wind foil with 7 to 8 knots.

Which size to choose?

For the lower wind range, the 91 cm is the best size. However, the new X-15 of 85 cm is already more effective than the 91 cm from about 10 knots and the Starboard X-15 85 cm can be checked well above 24 knots.

The X-15 91 cm will in practice come into its own best with sails between 7.0 m2 and 9.0 m2. The X-15 81 cm will fly best with sails between 8.0m2 and 5.0m2 and therefore also the widest use.

Testing a wind foilboard yourself?

If you have any questions about this board or if you want to try out the board, please feel free to send us an e-mail. We are happy to help you.

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X15 – Foil Slalom 78, X-15 – Foil Slalom 85, X-15 – Foil Slalom 91

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