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Freewing Air V3 review


Marco Boone



At Starboard x Airush they took 2 years to improve the V2. The Freewing Air V2 we can use as a fine very all-round wing. We are curious about the updates of the Freewing Air V3. In March we have many days with a lot of wind. A good opportunity to test the Freewing Air V3 in sizes 3.0m2 and 4.0m2.

Freewing Air V3 available in sizes: 2.5 m2 to 7.0 m2 | Prices € 869 to 1.229,-

Freewing Air V3 updates

Apart from the color combinations, the Freewing Air V3 has been completely renewed. The first thing you notice is that the profile is a lot flatter and that the canvas is much tighter at the trailing edge. We notice this immediately when we grab the wing on the side. If we put the Freewing Air V3 on top of the V2, it is noticeable that the curve of the leading edge is much larger and that the wingspan between the tips is smaller. This will certainly benefit the handling of the wing. The tips have also become thinner compared to the V2. On average, the maximum pressure of tubes is higher, which in turn provides extra stiffness and stability in the wing. The weight of the Freewing Air V3 is comparable to the V2 and therefore fairly average what is for sale in the market.

On the center strut we see only 2 handles instead of 5. These are a bit wider. The handles are bolted to the center strut and can be replaced by carbon fiber handles. As far as we know, the Freewing Air is the only wing where you can replace the flex grips with handles. The center is a lot thicker at the front than at the back. The front handle is on the thick part and the rear one on the thin part. According to Freewing Air, this should make for a more comfortable position.

The Freewing Air V3 is equipped with a nice leash and now comes with a spacious backpack that even fits 2 wings or 1 wing and a pump. Practical detail, but we find the backpack much nicer and more practical than the ‘duffel bag’ that came with the V2. A so-called nozzle adapter is also included so that you can also use your inflatable SUP pump for the Freewing Air.

Freewing Air V3 handles
Freewing Handles carbon mounting

More stability is more control

We go on the water with a very gusty wind (between 12 and 22 knots) with the Freewing Air V3 4.0m2. This size is occasionally a bit on the small side, but we like to wing relatively small. In the wind dips we are a bit underpowered and then have some trouble to make enough speed to get on the foil. The stiffer profile of the wing pumps less effectively than the V2. It is good to report that with Freewing Air V2 we were able to pump above average due to its relatively deep profile and loose leading edge.

Once on the foil, we immediately notice that the Freewing Air V3 feels much more direct and, in particular, is also more stable. Once we get used to the Freewing V3 we go full throttle in a thick flurry and what is striking is that the better stability of the wing also ensures that you have more control over the board. We can simply push better and therefore go a lot faster. The flatter profile also contributes to the higher terminal speed. Even in overpowered conditions, the wing remains easy to control. We can keep the Freewing Air V3 longer than the V2.

The improved stability also translates back into the transitions, which are also easier. The smaller wingspan also provides a more compact feel and that the tips of the wings are less likely to touch the water or the board.

More comfortable posture

Once on the foil, the first thing you notice is that the wing holds much finer. Above we have already mentioned that the front handle is on the thicker part of the center strut and the rear handle on the thinner part. We notice that well. With the Freewing Air V2 we always had to put on our rear hand and keep it a bit bent to keep the maximum potential out of the wing. This quickly resulted in tired or soured arms.

The 2 handles that are on the wing are slightly wider. This allows you to slide slightly in the handles to find the best position. The handles are slightly thinner and less soft than on the V2.

Vary with pressure in tubes

Due to the tighter profile and higher pressure, we notice that the wing is stiffer, which makes the Freewing Air V3 less easy to pump. This is because there is less flex in the wing. By running about 0.5 PSI out of the tubes, you can easily improve the low-end performance of the wing. As a result, the wing pumps finer and also delivers a little more power during foiling. This allows you to easily increase the deployment range of your wing

The Freewing Air V3 has been greatly improved in every way. The operating range has shifted slightly towards high wind and the low wind performance has become slightly less. Keep in mind that you may buy 1 size larger! Overall we have more control and we are faster and the handling is better than with the V2.

In addition to the more stable profile, the better ergonomics of the Freewing Air V3 are an improvement that should not be underestimated. This allows you to keep the winging much longer and with more wind you also keep control longer.

Carbon handles for the Freewing Air V3

The Freewing Air V3 comes standard with soft handles. In our webshop you can buy so-called hard handles made of carbon. You can easily replace the standard handles with the carbon handles. The use of hard handles gives a more direct feeling with the wing. In addition, it gives a little more freedom to hold the wing in the ideal position for you.

Want to try Freewing Air V3 for yourself?

Want to try the Freewing Air V3 for yourself? We have the 4.0m2 and 3.0m2 available for testing. Do you want to schedule a test appointment or do you have questions? Please feel free to contact us.