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Windsurfboards to wind foil with


Marco Boone



We’re going to compare nice apples with pears. We have sailed with 3 different boards last period. Each with a completely different starting point. The first board is the Fanatic Blast LTD 145 an ‘ordinary’ board with a foilready vinbox. The second board is the Starboard Foil 122 clearly designed as a wind foilboard and third the Starboard 147 Ultra Sonic, the older brother of the Starboard Foil 147. Despite the large and clear differences, making a choice is not easy.

Design test

To exclude the effects of the different wind foils, we initially tested all 3 boards with the same wind foil (Starboard Freeride ALU). After that, we also started changing wind foils. Especially with the Fanatic Blast yielded a very surprising result. Because we have compared apples to pears, there is no test winner, but we want to help you make a right choice. We have focused in particular on the windfoil properties of the boards.

Fanatic Blast especially windsurfboard

Length 235 | Width 77 cm | Weight 8.2 kg | Volume 145 | RRP € 1,999,-

Fanatic Blast LTD 145 is a freerace oriented windsurfboard. Fanatic has placed a ‘wind foil approved’ deep tuttle box in the board, so you can also wind it with it in a safe way. The board is nice light and with 77 cm width also good handy to carry with a wind foil into the water. 145 litres of volume is of course quite a lot, but the board feels smaller in the water. This benefits the ‘playful’ feeling with freeride/freeracing. With the Starboard foil it takes relatively long before it builds up enough speed and upward pressure to fly. However, when we mounted the Fanatic wind foil under the board, this changed completely. The board planned much earlier and generated the upward pressure much faster. The fact that the mast is about 10 degrees forward helps. We have already described the effect of this extensively in the test of the Fanatic Flow Foil H9.

Little wobbly

The Fanatic Blast is 77 cm wide, but as with any other slalom board, the board at the back becomes a considerably narrower (tail width is about 52 cm). This allows you to stay relatively close in the middle of your board with your hind foot. This makes it more difficult to find a good balance compared to the wider boards such as the Starboard Foil or 147 or the Falcon Lightwind (also foil ready!). The somewhat nervous nature of the Fanatic foil and relatively long mast of this wind foil reinforced this feeling. With little wind up to about 14 knots, the set was well controlled, but above the approximately 16 knots we thought it was going to be particularly scary. Although the shape was not specially developed for wind foiling, the nose had enough volume and scoop not to bite during a ‘nose drop’. That makes you feel safe.

If you want to wind with this board, the Fanatic Flow Foil H9 is the best choice!

Starboard Foil 122 only wind foils

Length 231 | Width 75.5 cm | Weight 7.9 kg | Volume 122 | RRP € 1,999,-

The Starboard Foil 122 is really developed as a wind foilboard. The widest point is 1.5 cm narrower than the fanatic, but the tail width is 62.2 cm and thus only 3.8 cm narrower than the tail width of the Foil 147. You’ll notice when you’re wind foiling. You’re further out, making it easier to keep your balance. Even if you ‘push’ the board, this is easier than the Fanatic. The shape of this board is 100% set up to get in plane quickly so you can fly. Even with a nose drop, the nose stays above water and quickly lets you rise again. This board does better than the Fanatic and the Starboard Foil 147.

The volume of only 122 is more than enough. In terms of planning, this board does little to nothing for its bigger brother. Starboard indicates that under this board you can use a mast length of up to 75cm. A mast length of 85 to 90 cm also does well under this board. Compared to the Foil 147, the Foil 122 feels much more playful and less plomp. This board did extremely well with the Starboard ALU Freeride and GT. That is also the character of the board; freeride to freerace

Don’t use it as just windsurfboard

Due to the special shape of the board, this board is really not suitable for windsurfing with. Sure you get back and forth with it, but it doesn’t go pleasant.

Starboard Foil 147 a good all-rounder

Length 241 | Width 95 cm | Weight 9.5 kg (Technora) | Volume 147 | RRP € 2,099,-

This board limps on 2 thoughts. On the one hand a wide light weather slalomboard and on the other hand nice and fast plan to fly away with little wind. Due to its width of 95 cm, this board is more difficult to enter the water and feels less playful even during foiling than the other 2 boards. Despite its high volume and width, this board does not fly much earlier than the Foil 122 or the Fanatic with the Fanatic foil. The higher weight certainly plays a role in this.

However, the width and especially the width at the back (tail width 66 cm) ensure that you are very stable on this board. With the Foil 122, you can push the board upwind more easily, which will eventually make you more likely to be at the top buoy in a race than with the Foil 122. This board is intended for the wind foils with longer masts, but the Freeride foil with a mast of 75 cm also felt very good. This board is in fact good control under all circumstances. The board tends more towards race than the Foil 122 where you can also whizz relaxed half winds. If you put a high end wind foil under the Foil 147, this will be a performance board this is very fast flying, very fast and very high on the wind. The width of this board is the greatest force. For both the novice wind foiler and the performance oriented wind foiler.

Slalom sailing with little wind

With the Foil 147 you also have excellent slalommen with a long fin underneath. Because of its size, this board is only suitable with little wind. Don’t you want to wind foil? Okay if you really want to do both as often, then this board might be the best choice. Similar alternatives include the Fanatic Falcon Lightwind and the RRD H-Fire 91

Difficult to choose

It’s not easy to make a choice. We’d like to give you some ways of thinking that help you make the best choice for you.

  1. I mainly want windsurfing and occasional wind foiling-> Then opt for the Fanatic Blast, Fanatic Gekko Foil edition, Starboard Carve IQ or RRD X-FIRE LTD V10 – then choose a freeride oriented wind foil with a mast no longer than 85 cm. The wider the board, the easier it goes!
  2. I wants to wind foil and occasionalslalommen: Then opt for the Starboard Foil 147, Fanatic Light Wind or RRD H-Fire 91. Then you really have a performance board for wind foiling and you can possibly slalom. If you want to foil matches and wind with longer masts, this category is the best choice
  3. I really only want to wind foil: Even then you can choose the Starboard Foil 147, Fanatic Light wind or RRD H-Fire 91, but the Foil 122 beckons. Less performance than the aforementioned boards, but slightly more fun and playful features. The Foil 122 is more for it.

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