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Try & Buy event 23 and 24 September


Marco Boone

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Windfoilen Nederland organizes a Try and Buy event on 23 and 24. During the weekend you can not only test all the wind and wingfoil equipment for free, but also purchase it immediately and take it with you if you like it. In addition, we provide expert advice on what the best set-up is for you. So don’t miss this opportunity to score the perfect windfoil or wingfoil setup! We have a wide range of foils, boards, sails and wings of the brands Starboard, AK Durable Supply, F4 Foils, Severne and Freewing available.

Of course we have great ‘end of season’ deals, demo and teaching materials for sale for competitive prices. Below you will find a list of articles that are available for testing. So block the weekend of 23 and 24 September in your agenda! The event will take place in Almere Haven. Admission is free!

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Book your Try & Buy

To prevent someone with a test set from going on the water you want to test or the item you want to purchase has just been sold, we recommend that you sign up for a test session and / or reserve material. The material is only made available for testing if you can Windfoil or Wingfoil! Reservations can be made via the button below.

Available Test Material / For sale

Wind foilsWind foil boardsWind foil sailsWingfoils WingboardsWings
F4 Foils FreerideStarboard X-15 85Severne Foil Glide 3 7,0m2F4 Foils Freeride 1400/1720AK Phazer V3 (several sizes)Freewing Air V3
F4 Foils FreeraceStarboard X-15 91Severne HG6 7,0m2 / 8,0m2F4 Foils Freerace 850/210AK Compact V2 (several sizes)Freewing Air V2
F4 Foils SlalomStarboard Race 100Severne HGO 9.0m2Freewing Go
Starboard Freeride 150Severne FG 3 proto 6,0m2AK Tracer V2 (several sizes)Starboard E-type (several sizes)
starboard iqfoil aluStarboard Foil XSeverne FG 3 proto 8,0m2AK Trek 1900Starboard Air Foil (several sizes)
Starboard FreerideSeverne HG 4 6,0m2AK Plasma 1000/1300
Starboard SuperflyerSeverne Alien 145Severne HG 4 7,0m2
Starboard SupercruiserFMX Hyperion 138/178Severne Foil Freek 4.4 (’22)Starboard Glider 900
Starboard GTR carbon mastFMX Veloce 134/144 LTDSeverne Foil Freek 4.9 (’22Starboard Glider PRO 700
Severne RedwingStarboard X-Type 1100
S2Maui V-FR 8,0 / 9,0mStarboard E-type 1500
Various separate partsS2Maui Eagle FR (div sizes)Various separate parts
* List is continuously updated

Introductory lessons Windfoiling & Wingfoiling

During the Try & Buy event we organize introduction lessons for Windfoiling and Wingfoiling for the 3rd time this year. The costs for participation in the introductory lessons is € 92, – including use of our teaching material. The lessons last 1.5 hours. During these lessons you will be introduced to Windfoiling or Wingfoiling in small groups of maximum 4 people.

Since there is a limited number of places available, it is necessary to register in advance for the introductory lessons. On Saturday 23 September we organize the introduction lessons for the WINGfoilen and on Sunday 24 September the WINDfoil introduction lessons take place.

Information & registration introduction lessons

Practical information

At the place where the Try & Buy event is organized there is enough space to park for free. Via a sandy beach you can easily (without shoes) enter the water. In the Gooimeer it is everywhere deep enough to be able to wind foil and wingfoil. Fortunately, this year we have little trouble with aquatic plants and you can 🙂 foiling.

If you buy something from us during the event, you can easily pay via PIN or by mobile banking. We strive to have as many products as possible on site so that you can take the purchase with you right away. Large items or specific products can possibly be sent back.

Address: Gooimeerdijk West, Surfstrand Haven 2 in Almere Haven.

You can always send us an email with your question.

Until the 23rd or 24th of September

Team Windfoilen Netherlands