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Review AK Tracer V3


Marco Boone



AK has built up a good reputation in a short time with high-quality and reasonably priced wing foils. The 1st two generations of Tracers excelled in a very accessible and stable foiling behavior. For the AK Tracer V3, AK turns everything upside down. The Tracer V3 has been completely renewed. We’ve all spent many hours making the AK Tracer V3, time to put our findings on paper.

We put the 1030 front and center because we think it will be the most popular variant. We have also extensively tested the smaller front wings of 800 cm2 and 650 cm2. We are happy to share our experiences with this as well.

AK Tracer V3 new design and construction

In addition to new shapes of the wings, the construction has also changed almost completely. On the carbon front wing you now see an integrated fuselage (at least the front part) where the mast fits super tight with a tapper lock connection. This creates a very stiff and direct connection. At the end of the fuselage is the rear part of the fuselage. That part is made of aluminum and is easy to secure with 2 torx bolts. The connection of the tail wing has remained unchanged and (fortunately) the back wing can also be trimmed.

The medium aspect front wing has a pretty special shape. The aspect ratio has increased to 7.5 for the smallest 2 sizes and 8.2 for the largest 2 sizes. For a medium aspect wing, the leading edge is best curved. The tips are therefore very thin. We are curious what we notice during wing foiling.

The aluminium mast has not changed in principle. However, there is a completely renewed carbon mast. This mast is made of UHM carbon and the mast is hollow! The Tracer V3 with the carbon mast is also very light. Approximately 3.5 kg. All parts fit together very neatly and very high-quality wing covers are now also included.

AK Tracer V3 front wing with fuselage
AK Tracer wing covers
AK Tracer tail piece and fuselage
AK Tracer 2 fuselages parts connection

Dramatically improved efficiency and performance

For many wing foilers, a front wing of 1030 cm2 is still relatively small. Only what we clearly see (with several brands) is that the latest generation wings are much more efficient. By this we mean that the wings give relatively more lift at low speed, but at the same time the terminal speed is higher and the deployment range is wider.

So get on the water quickly! We choose the Tracer V3 with carbon mast with the 1030 cm2 front wing and the new Starboard Take Off 5’3″ with the Freewing Team Air 4.5m2. Immediately with the pumping, we notice how easily the board makes speed and how quickly the foil builds up enough lift to get on the foil. Once on the foil, the 1030 immediately feels very stable and accelerates very easily.

The lift and stall speed of the 1030 is comparable to a 1300 or 1400 cm2 front wing. We have wondered several times whether it was not secretly a 1300 cm2 with the wrong print. We also have the same experience with the Tracer V3 800 cm2 and 650 cm2. In fact, the 650 cm2 is our favorite. With a knot or 13 to 14 and the Freewing Team Air 4.5 m2 we get away with the 650 cm2 front wing and we are treated to a very light-footed and playful foil behavior, where we instinctively do not compromise on stability.

Sublime manoeuvrability due to curved leading edge

Back to the 1030 cm2 version. The Tracer V3 does very well in a straight line. You can push the foil very well to get maximum speed out of it. Our record with the 1030 is over 42 km/h. Even at that speed, the foil feels very stable and we still have a lot of control. But where this foil really shines is wave riding and carving. Due to the relatively large curve of the leading edge, the foil is very manoeuvrable and you can carve the foil very easily and sharply. It feels like you’re carving a snowboard through the fresh powder. Turning very aggressive and short corners is also perfect. This makes this foil also very fun to play with the waves on the larger inland water (with short and steep waves).

The smaller the front wing, the more playful and manoeuvrable the foil becomes. But the 1030 is already playful and agile that the 1030 is perhaps the most versatile.

Rigid construction provides great feel and instant feedback

The construction of the foil and especially the carbon mast ensure that the construction is very stiff and light. It is striking how much feeling you have with the foil and the feedback you get. As a result, you feel very well where the boundaries are and almost become 1 with the foil. If we compare the AK carbon mast with, for example, the stiffest mast from Starboard (Starboard C600 mast costs € 2,500), then the AK mast (single AK mast costs € 1,199) feels similar in terms of stiffness and even gives a little more feedback.

With the aluminum mast you do sacrifice some of the directness and feedback. But even with the aluminum mast, the wing foil remains very manoeuvrable and playful.

AK Tracer V3 our favorite of 2024!

The title says it all. We foiled with a lot of different foil and sizes last winter, but the AK Tracer V3 (1030 and 650) is our favorite. Especially combined with the extremely stiff hollow carbon mast, this is a set-up that makes us very happy both at sea and in inland water in all circumstances.

Add to that the competitive pricing, then the AK Tracer V3 should definitely be on your short list!

Who is the AK Tracer for?

Choose a size smaller!

Our advice is to choose 1 size smaller than what you are initially looking for. Believe us, with 1 size smaller you get at least the same amount of lift, with a much more dynamic foil feel. We have most sizes of AK Tracer V3 in our test center for testing.

Send us a message and we will be happy to schedule a test appointment with you.