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Severne FoilGlide 3 review


Marco Boone



Since the introduction of the Severne FoilGlide, this sail has been a hit. Severne took 2 years to develop the Severne FoilGlide 3. On paper, little seems to have changed. Only the 8.0m2 has 1 batten and 1 camber less than the previous version. We test the 7.0 m2 and 8.0 m2 to experience the differences compared to the Severne FoilGlide 2.

Severne FoilGlide 3 more forward tension

Flat on the ground, the FoilGlide 3 doesn’t seem to have changed (except for the 8.0 m2 more on that later). When we rig up the Severne FoilGlide 3 , we notice that the down hall tension is greater than with the previous version. In addition, the angle of the sail directly behind the mast is smaller, which improves the aerodynamics and stability of the sail. Furthermore, we have the impression that the top of the sail hangs a little looser. Other than that, we don’t see any changes on the side. Also, the sail still rotates very well.

Severne FoilGlide 3 – 8.0 m2 biggest change

The biggest change is in the 8.0 m2. Compared to the smaller sizes, the previous edition had 1 batten and 1 camber extra (6 battens and 4 cambers). The reason, of course, was to keep such a large size on an RDM mast stiff enough in terms of profile. We were therefore surprised and also concerned when we saw that the 8.0m2 now has the same number of slats and cambers as the small sizes.

The boom length has become 4 cm longer, the middle part of the sail has become slightly wider and the lower part extends a little more downwards.

Subtle upgrades Severne FoilGlide 3 noticeable

Despite the higher downlift tension and the slightly looser top, that sail still pumps very well. We have enough power in the sail to speed up with little wind and get on the foil quickly. Once on the foil, the sail feels a little more stable and we are also faster compared to the old version. We are surprised that we fly more than 47 km/h with the FoilGlide 3 7.0 m2 on the Severne Alien down wind and that half the wind is faster than a lady on the IQfoilset , see also the video. Especially with harder flags, the sail remains more stable, allowing us to foil more relaxed.

The above mentioned features also apply to the FoilGlide 8.0 m2. The sail has become more than 300 grams lighter. This directly benefits the handling of the sail. This sail is also easy to pump. What we are pleasantly surprised is that the stability of the sail has remained so good. In fact, we have the impression that the sail feels more stable with more wind than the FoilGlide 2 8.0 m2 which had 1 batten and 1 camber extra. The higher down hall tension and the flatter profile directly behind the mast cover ensure this.

Very good sail has been subtly improved.

All in all, all the small adjustments to the Severne FoilGlide 3 result in clear improvements;

  • Low wind characteristics remain as good as ever
  • Handling 8.0 m2 improved due to lower weight
  • Stability sail (with gusts of wind) clearly better
  • Sail has become faster.

Want to try Severne FoilGlide 3 for yourself?

Would you like to try out the Severne FoilGlide 3 for yourself? That’s possible, we have the Severne FoilGlide 3 7.0 m2 to test out. Do you want to schedule a test appointment or do you have questions? Feel free to contact us.