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RRD FLIGHT ALU 85 wind foil for regular vinbox


Marco Boone

Subject New Products


RRD introduces a new aluminium wind foil that is suitable for any ‘regular’ vinbox. Nice wind foiling, but you do need a board with a reinforced/strong finbox. RRD found something on that now. At the mast of the foil is a large plate (much larger than with the wind foils of other brands) that captures the sideways, making this wind foil suitable for every vinbox with a powerbox and tuttlebox. And there’s more good news. If we look at the specs of the RRD Flight Alu foil 85, this could be a very good freeride wind foil.

Conversion package at the RRD Flight Alu foil 85

The mast of this wind foil is 85 cm long and made of aluminum. At the end of the mast is a plate that comes against the bottom of the surfboard and distributes the forces neatly. The part that goes into your board can be mounted the insert that fits your board’s vinbox type. In any case, there is a tuttlebox and powerbox insert. We hope there’s also a deep tuttlebox insert. Wind foils are preferably done on a wide board and they often have a deep tuttlebox. The fuselage has an extremely long length of 1.2 meters! This must guarantee very fast foiling. The advantage of the long fuselage is a quieter flying behavior (less up and down your board) and a lot of upward pressure. This allows you to go with 7 to 8 knots. Starboard has a 115 cm fuselage on the team set windfoil and it already delivers a lot of upward pressure and quickly feels too big. We hope this is still to be handled!

Hybrid carbon wings.

The wings are of hybrid carbon. The front wing is 80 cm wide and the rear 38 cm. I.c.m. the long fuselage promises this a lot of lift.


The expected price of this foil will be € 1,199,- This brings this to the same price as the Starboard GT and Freeride Aluminium. We’ll have to wait a while before we can test h.m. The RRD Flight Foil Alu 85 will be available in May.

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