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iQfoil Starboard Olympic 2024


Marco Boone

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We have written an article earlier on the choice of new material for the 2024 Olympics. This week it issued the ‘working party’ advice to wind up during the 2024 Olympics, with starboard’s IQfoil OD with the now famous Severne Hyper Glide 2. Kiran Badloe even got to try the set! In November, the final decision will follow. Read our first impression below and exactly what it’s like.

Tenders released, wind foiling the most attractive

As already described in an earlier article, manufacturers have been invited to come up with a concept for the windsurfing discipline for the 2024 Olympics. In the end, 5 concepts were submitted; upgrade of the current RS:X, the Glide and 3 windfoil concepts, including Starboard/Severne’s iQFoil.

During the ‘Sea trial’ after the World Cup RS:X on Lake Garda, all 5 concepts were extensively tested by a select group (match) windsurfers. The concepts have been tested and assessed in line with the pre-established requirements.

Starboard and Severne’s concept, the iQFoil, is best reviewed by the working group and is proposed in November to choose as the new Olympic equipment for windsurfing for the 2024 Olympics.

IQfoil concept of Starboard-Severne Olympic Games ’24

That Starboard and Severne are leading the way with the wind foiling will not have escaped anyone. The brands can be seen as a leader in the competition scene and the durability of the wind foils has also proved to be good. The material won many prizes. Starboard’s extensive tender also reflected on different race formats and which wind condition which race format best suits the iQfoil concept. Starboard/Severne proposes the following material:

The good news is that, after all, everything is already for sale and sometimes even 2nd hands is available. With the current RSX class, this concept makes it much more accessible and also many times easier to get material. The complete set will cost € 6,829, excl VAT for men and € 100 less for women. A considerable amount, this means that the investment for Dutch race surfers is slightly higher than an RS:X set.

Starboard has offered in the tender to give extra discount for ‘Emerging nations’, which also gives these countries a fair chance.

The board is a kind of hybrid board and is also supplied with a normal fin, for cases where it is not possible to foil. Starboard’s website also shows that this board will also be delivered in cheaper versions (Flax Balsa about € 2,300,- and Starlite approx € 1,700,-). It is also nice that a somewhat lower entry level may also be possible.

First impression flying feeling

During Dam X we were allowed to try out the iQFoil 95 with the 9.0 m2. Was a short session, but admitted a clear first impression (and it was very good);

Update 4 November

The opinion presented by the working group was ‘adopted’ by a majority at the annual meeting in November. So this means that we’re going to wind up at the Paris Olympics in 2024. Of course, the focus for most RS:X athletes this year is still the RS:X given the Olympic year that is coming. It is clear that we are flying the flag!

Our site lists the complete concept with all parts of iQfoil and Dutch prices

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