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Waves Festival Texel big wind foil event


Marco Boone

Subject Race news


The Tour around Texel has always been a special event. A short holiday with the challenge of round the island. Texel is now tackling it even bigger. From 19 June onwards, the Waves Festival will start with performances, clinics and various wind foil competitions. Of course, dessert is again the Tour around Texel this year.

The wind foil program

– Wednesday: IFCA windfoil Grandprix

– Thursday: IFCA windfoil Grandprix

– Friday: IFCA windfoil Grandprix

– Saturday: Round around Texel

So that’s going to be 4 days of racing on the wind foil.

Enroll Waves Festival

You can still register for the wind foil races via the Waves Festival site

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