Surfbent foilboard protector IQfoil

Surfbent foilboard protector IQfoil

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The Surfbent IQfoil protector is a very effective tool to prevent damage to your Iqfoil wind foil board. The shape of this surfbent iqfoil protector has been adjusted so that it can be used on an IQfoil 85 and IQfoil 95 board and weighs only 350 grams.

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The Surfbent IQfoil board protector is a very effective tool to prevent damage to your wind foil board. The Surfbent IQfoil has been adjusted in terms of shape so that it can also be used on the IQfoil 85 and IQfoil 95. These boards have a so-called recessed deck so that the regular Surfbent does not fit.

The Surfbent iqfoil protector works as follows: If you drop the rig by, for example, a catapult, your expensive wind foil board will suffer damage without a protector. Due to the use of the Surfbent, most of the impact is taken away by the Surfbent, which makes the nose of the board less likely to suffer damage. Especially when learning windfoil, there is a good chance that the nose will be damaged. The Surfbent is actually a must have protection for your board

The Surfbent Iqfoil protector weighs only 350 grams, so for the extra weight you don’t have to leave it. And the weight is also in a better place than the protectors on the nose of the board.

Please note! It is not guaranteed that your board will remain whole when the sail falls very hard, our experience is that in 80% of the cases it ends with a fizzle.

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