IQfoil youth rig set

IQfoil youth rig set

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The IQ foil youth class is the new one design class for youth wind surfing. A spectacular class that is growing rapidly. Order your IQfoil youth ‘rig set ready to race’ set online. This set is available in 4 sizes;

  • IQfoil rig set 8,0m2 (U19 class)
  • IQfoil rig set 7,0m2 (U17 class)
  • IQfoil rig set 6,0m2 (U17 class )
  • IQfoil rig set 5,0m2 (U17 class)

Delivery throughout the EU is possible.

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IQfoil youth and junior one design class windsurfing

The IQ foil youth one design class is the new one design class windsurfing for the under-19s. The material is directly derived from the IQfoil Olympic set. The sails are lighter and smaller. This set is available in 4 variants. Order your IQfoil youth rig set ‘ready to race’online.

  • IQfoil youth package set 8.0m2 – U19 class
  • IQfoil youth package set 7,0m2 – U17 class*
  • IQfoil youth package set 6,0m2 – U17 class*
  • IQfoil youth package set 5,0m2 – U17 class*

*In the U17 class, athletes may register 2 sizes of sails per race; the 5.0m2, 6.0m2 or 7.0m2.

The IQfoil youth/ junior rig set consists of:

  • IQfoil Severne FGO Foil Glide Olympic sail or HGO 8.0 m2 for U19
  • IQfoil Severne Blue Line RDM mast or Apex 490 cm for U19
  • IQfoil Severne Go metal boom
  • IQfoil Base and RDM extension / SDM extension

Delivery IQfoil youth / junior rig set throughout EU

We can deliver this IQfoil rig set throughout Europe. We use a specialized carrier, where the package is insured against loss and damage. Once you fill in your address in the order form, you will see the actual shipping costs. Questions? Send us a message

The IQfoil youth rig set is supplied without:


First try the IQfoil youth/junior set or advice?

We have all the IQfoil material at our location to test. If you have any questions or want to make a test appointment, please send us an email.

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IQfoil youth rig 8,0m2 – U19, IQfoil youth rig 7,0m2 – U17, IQfoil youth rig 6,0m2 – U17, IQfoil youth rig 5,0m2 – U17

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