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How to put together Starboard wing foils



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Starboard comes this year with a whole range of wing foils. The design of the wing foils is slightly different than we know from the Starboard wind foils. You put together o.b.v. a mast set and a wing set the foil itself. How exactly does that work and what do you need? Below we explain how to compose the Starboard wing foils.

Starboard Wing Foils mix and match

Starboard does not offer ready-made wingfoils. You put them together a-la-carte yourself o.b a number of parts. Of course, you can replace and/or upgrade parts later. That’s still possible. The basics are simple:

Mast-set + Wing set = Wing foil

A mast set of the Starboard wing foils consists of a mast (aluminum or carbon) with a fixed topplate and a quick lock fuselage. You can buy these as a whole and if you have mounted the quick lock fuselage on the mast for the 1st time, you can also have it mounted.

At the quick lock fuselage.m you can easily mount the wing set with the patented quick lock system. This consists of a front wing, back wing and tail piece. On the back wing is a ‘tail piece’ (see this as part of the fuselage) which is attached to the back of the quick lock fuselage. Thanks to the Quik-Lock Fuselage, you have far fewer bolts to tighten and you can screw the foil together in six seconds! Then you have to use two torxes at the same time :),but also with one tool you can quickly put the foil together.

Which mast set and wing foil set suit you best depends (among other things) on your weight, budget and wingfoil ambition. Ask yourself in advance what you want to do (freeride / speed / freestyle) and with what conditions you want to sail. Also check out our wing foil guide to find out more about what type of wingfoiler you are.

The 2021 Starboard wing foil mast-sets

The aluminium V7 masts give a high price-quality ratio with excellent performance for the novice to advanced wing foiler. Available in length of 72cm and 82cm.

Monolithic Carbon is extremely stiff and light and is therefore this mast for the performance oriented wingfoiler. Available in length of 72cm / 82cm / 92cm / 102cm, there is something for everyone!

The 2021 Starboard wing foil sets

Available in the following series and variants:

The Starboard Ocean surf set is designed for maximum lift and stability.

  • Ocean Surf 2000 | Front Wing 2000 cm2 | Back wing 270 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm
  • Ocean Surf 2400 | Front Wing 2400 cm2 | Back wing 270 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm

The Starboard S-type foil set is designed as an all-round set with emphasis on control and stability. .

  • S-Type 1500 | Front Wing 1500 cm2 | Back wing 250 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm
  • S-Type 2000 | Front Wing 2000 cm2 | Back wing 250 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm
  • S-Type 2400 | Front Wing 2400 cm2 | Back wing 250 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm

The Starboard E-type wingfoil set is the all-round set, which is ideally suited for pumps

  • E-Type 1300 | Front Wing 1300 cm2 | Back wing 250 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm
  • E-Type 1700 | Front Wing 1700 cm2 | Back wing 250 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm

The Starboard X-type wingfoil set is the performance set, with relatively little lift but a high end speed.

  • X-Type 1100 | Front Wing 1100 cm2 | Back wing 250 cm2 | Tail piece 36 cm

Top plate vs. deep tuttle

Within wing foiling, top plates are mainly used to attach the foil to the board. Do you already have a wind foil with deep tuttle, or do you also want to use the foil mast for wing foiling? Then.m you can convert a deep tuttle to a top plate with a top plate adapter. Please note that the mast sets sold with top plate are not compatible with deep tuttle connections.

Do you have any questions or do you want advice?