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Upgrade Starboard wind foil with 95 cm + fuselage


Marco Boone



Do you have a good Starboard wind foil freeride, GT or GT-R and do you want more lift and stability? Then consider a simple upgrade by purchasing the Starboard Fuselage 95 cm plus. This fuselage costs € 299,- and can be used on both the carbon masts and the aluminium masts of Starboard.

With the fuselage you also get a set of 5 spacers to trim the back wing (adjusting the flow angle). Read below what the effect is what you can expect with the 95 cm plus fuselage.

Starboard Freeride upgrade with 95 cm plus fuselage

Until 2021, the Starboard Freeride foil came with the old 75 cm long fuselage. Many wind foilers appreciate this wind foil for its friendly character and the fact that with this wind foil you can still wind foil very finely and controlled with a lot of wind. However, due to the short fuselage you do need a bit more wind than the modern wind foils. With the new plus fuselage, the front wing comes a lot further forward. As a result, you can already rise with little wind. At the same time, the friendly properties of this wind foil are preserved. In fact, because the fuselage is 20 cm longer, it is easier to foil stable. Especially thanks to the shape of the frontwing, the wind foil can still be controlled well with a lot of wind (20 knots or more is no problem). Due to the longer fuselage, the deployment range is greatly increased and is easier to wind foil with.

With this upgrade, the Starboard Freeride foil is up to date again. Of course still suitable for freeriders and especially for heavier wind foilers due to the relatively large front wing (1,100 cm2) and back wing (500 cm2).

Starboard GT upgrade with 95 cm plus fuselage

Until 2018, the Starboard GT came with the old 75 cm long fuselage. A clearly faster wind foil than the freeride, intended for slaloming. As of 2019, the GT has been replaced by the GT-R. The GT-R got the ‘old’ 95 cm fuselage and that was already a big upgrade, see our review about the GT-R. Since 2021, the old 95 cm fuselage has been replaced by the plus fuselage. With the plus fuselage, the blades are a bit further forward. This ensures more lift and pushes the foil a bit more towards free racing.

As with the Freeride plus, the plus fuselage also make it easier to wind foil stably. With a lot of wind and high speed, you have to mount a smaller spacer (with a smaller angle) to trim the lift out a bit (if you do a lot of half wind foiling). The 800 cm2 front wing i.c.m. the 330 cm2 back wing is a pretty fast combination. And because of the speed you quickly create a lot of lift.

This set up is more stable than the set up with the 225 cm2 back wing. The ‘control capacity of this back wing is less, so it requires more balance to wind foil stable.

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