Severne Alien Wind Foilboard Carbon

Severne Alien Wind Foilboard Carbon

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Severne Alien wind foil boards is a series of freeride oriented wind foil boards. Available in 4 versions. Boards are made of carbon and are extremely light. This gives the board a playful and responsive feel during wind foiling.


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Severne Alien wind foilboard carbon

  • Severne Alien 105: 190 cm L | 65 cm W | 105 L volume | 7.2 kg
  • Severne Alien 115: 200 cm L | 70 cm W | 115 L volume | 7.3 kg
  • Severne Alien 125: 205 cm L | 75 cm W | 125 L volume | 7.7 kg
  • Severne Alien 155: 215 cm L | 85 cm W | 155 L volume | 8.8 kg


The Severne Alien wind foil board is a new series of freeride oriented wind foil boards. The boards are easy to foil, forgiving and feel light/playful. The boards are available in 4 sizes. In addition to the boards, Severne now also has a windfoil, the Severne Red Wing. This wing combines perfectly with the boards. Boards are made of carbon and are extremely light. We have tested this board extensively, read our location about the Severne Alien

For this board is suitable:

  • Beginner and advanced wind foiler
  • The freeride / freestyle oriented wind foiler
  • Making flying fast more important than speed

Our findings:

+ Important to use this board in combination with the Severne Red Wing foil
+ Fills a gap between the Starboard X foil and Starboard Freeride foilboard
+ Feels more playful and lighter than the Freeride and less nervous than the X foil
+ We find the board very relaxed to windfoil

– Carbon fragile and relatively expensive.

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