Starboard Race Carbon plus foil

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The Starboard Race Carbon Plus wind foil is the ultimate race foil cannon. Do you want to be able to wind the fastest wind foil, extremely high up wind and as deep as possible? Then this is the wind foil with a carbon mast of 95cm, an aluminium fuselage of 115cm. The wings are made of carbon, with the front wing having an area of 800 cm2 and the back wing 255 cm2. This is starboard’s high performance wind foil suitable for the race oriented wind foiler.


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Starboard Race Carbon Plus

The Starboard Race Carbon Plus is only meant for race surfers who only want to wind upwind and downwind. The Race Carbon Plus comes with a 115 cm fuselage where the mast continues to the back of the fuselage (this allows the blades to be positioned further forward) and the rear wing is trim pair. This wind foil has a full carbon mast of 95 cm long. The mast is long enough to have enough distance between the bottom of the board and the wings, making the wings less likely to get out of the water. Ideal at sea or inland water with higher waves and for racing.

This high performance foil allows you to wind around 5 to 6 knots. The Starboard Carbon Race plus is compared to the regular carbon race less good to use with more wind (> 14knots).

The large wings and its shape contribute to this and provide more stability and easier ‘take off’ with little wind. The front wing has an area of 800 cm2 and the back wing 255 cm2. This wind foil good up wind very well and can almost be for the wind and is therefore extremely suitable for coarse racing.

Trimmable fuselage

With this fuselage you get 6 ‘spacers’ delivered to trim the angle of the rear wing. The recommended angle is -1.5 degrees or -2.0 degrees. Because the front wing is further forward than with the regular fuselage 115 cm, this fuselage gives much more lift.

-2° for >>10 knots (recommended default mode)
-1.5° for high winds 8 to 9 knots
-1° for wind speed around 7 knots
-0.5° for wind speeds around 7 knots
-0° for wind speeds around 6 knots
+1° for wind speeds around 5 knots

Our findings on the Starboard Race Carbon Plus foil:

+ Our favorite for up and downwind racing with little wind!
+ Flying from about 5-6 knots
+ Very good construction
+ Can upgrade wind foil by purchasing loose parts
+ Only suitable for (very) experienced race surfer

– Quite expensive, but is worth every penny
– High end foil, not suitable for novice wind foilers
– Not suitable for lighterwind foilers (< 65 kg), GT-R plus than better option
– Not suitable for foiling half-wind

Who is the Starboard Race Carbon plus foil suitable for?

+ This wind foil is suitable for demanding experienced wind foilers who are more speed oriented and are looking for that challenge.
+ Looking for maximum speed with little wind
+ Race wind foilers

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