Starboard fuselage 105cm plus

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Upgrade your windfoil with the Starboard fuselage 105cm plus. This fuselage is specially developed for slalom foiling. Suitable for the 1st generation Starboard front wings.

Gives more control with more wind than the 115 cm or 115 cm plus fuselage and is easier to foil half wind.

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Looking for an upgrade of your Starboard wind foil? This fuselage is specially developed for slalom foiling. This fuselage provides more control at high speeds and is easier to foil half wind. With this fuselage you can also trim the back wing with the included spacer set. This fuselage fits both starboard aluminium or carbon masts. Preferably choose the 95 cm long carbon mast. Read our blog about the differences between the Starboard plus fuselages.

Suitable for 1st generation Starboard front wings

Only the Starboard front wings of the 1st generation fit on this fuselage. Check out the available front wings that fit this fuselagehere.

Set up slalom foils
  • Medium or high wind conditions: Starboard 650 cm2 or 725 cm2 front wing with the 255 cm2 -2 thin or 200 cm2 -2 thin back wing
  • Light wind conditions: the 800 cm2 front wing with the 255cm2 -2 degrees or the ordinary 255 cm2 back wing.
Set up for heavier wind foils

We have noticed that this fuselage also works well with the Starboard 800 cm2 front wing and 330 cm2 back wing for heavier wind foilers. The longer fuselage ensures stable wind foiling and with little wind more lift.

Read our findings about the Starboard fuselage 105 cm plus.


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