Starboard fuselage evolution

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Starboard Evolution Fuselages are more aerodynamically shaped which ensures less resistance and a ‘smoother’ wind foil feeling. The Starboard EVO fuselages are available in various lengths.


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In 2017, the first Starboard wind foils were introduced with the now well-known fuselage system. In 2019, an upgrade followed with the plus fuselages. Now Starboard comes with a completely new fuselage series that has better aerodynamics.

Improved aerodynamics for more speed

Due to a modified shape and fastening system of the front wing, the streamline of the fuselage has become much better. As a result, there is less resistance and you go faster and the wind foiling feels ‘smoother’. The variants and geometry at a glance:

  • Starboard 120 Evolution – Geometry equal to old 115++ (is 120 cm long!!)
  • Starboard 115 Evolution – Geometry similar to old 115+
  • Starboard 105 Evolution – Geometry, mast 3,8 cm backwards compaired to 105 cm +
  • Starboard 95 Evolution – Geometry equal to old 95 cm +
  • Starboard 85 Evolution – New size, especially for wingfoilen
  • Starboard 75 Evolution – New size, especially for wingfoilen
  • Starboard 115 Evolution Classic – Geometry equal to old 115 cm (black fuselage)
  • Starboard 102 Evolution Classic – Geometry similar to old fuselage of Super Cruiser
New front wings

The old front wings from before 2022 no longer fit on the new Starboard Evolution fuselages. Check out the new range of Starboard evolution front wingshere.

Old back wings fit and are trimable

All back wings from before 2022 still fit on the new EVO fuselages and are trimable by the included spacer set. View the range of Starboard back wings

Suitable for wind foiling and wingfoiling

The long sizes of Evolution fuselages are best suited for wind foiling. The 95, 85 and 75 cm can also be used for wing foiling i.c.m. the Starboard Evolution wind foil front wings

Not suitable for IQfoil class

The new Starboard Evolution fuselages may not be used in the IQfoil class. The ‘old’ 115 cm plus and 95 cm plus fuselages remain available for that reason.

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