Starboard Foil X Wing starlite carbon

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The Starboard Foil X Starlite carbon is the ultimate hybrid wind foil and wing foil board. A full-fledged 2 in 1 board where you can both wingfoil and wind foil. This board is available from us in 2 sizes.


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Starboard Foil X Wing Starlite Carbon

  • Starboard Foil X 125: 190 L | 67 cm W | 125 L volume | 9.2 kg
  • Starboard Foil X 145: 193 L | 71 cm W | 145 L volume | 10.0 kg


The Starboard Foil X Wing Starlite Carbon is 100% similar in shape to the regular Starboard Foil X, only the deep tuttle foilbox has been replaced by a double US box that is extra long. As a result, you can only mount a foil with a topplate. If you want wind foiling, then you slide the foil back and you want to wingfoilen, then you slide the foil more forward.

On the deck you can mount the included foot straps in 2 ways; for wind foiling (so more to the rear) or for wing foiling (more forward). With the Starboard Foil X Wing Starlite Carbon you have a super versatile board.

Combine the Starboard Foil X Wing Starlite Carbon with the Starboard Super Cruiser and the Severne Foil freek for the optimal combination for wind foiling.

How well does the Starboard Foil X wing Starlite Carbon work in practice?

We are pleasantly surprised by this board. We think this is a really nice board for the whole family, where we like the Wingfoil features the best. Wind foiling is also good, but just like with the regular Starboard Foil X, this board (due to its small length and width) is relatively nervous compared to the Starboard Freeride (you can only use wind foiling with it).

The Starlite Carbon construction is super strong and unfortunately also slightly heavier. If the budget allows it, our advice is to opt for the approx. 1 kilo lighter Starboard Foil X Wing wood sandwich. Especially with the wingfoiling you notice the difference quite clearly. It increases the light, playful and feeling of freedom.

Who is the Starboard Foil X Wing Starlite Carbon for?

If you want both wind foiling and wingfoiling and you want to be able to do this with 1 board, then the Starboard foil x wing is highly recommended. We think that the Starboard Foil X wing with 145 is the best choice. Wind foiling on the 125 liter version really becomes a lot more difficult.

The wingfoiling on the Starboard Foil X Wing with 145 liters went well. Because the board is nice and short, the board still feels relatively compact.


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Want to test the Starboad Foil X Wing Starlite carbon yourself?

We have a wide range of wind foilboards to be able to test and rent. Check the rental page or test for more information.

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