Gift voucher Wing skating

45,00 incl. VAT

The wing skaten gift voucher is the best gift to give! This gift voucher wing skating can be used for 1 wing skate clinic of 1.5 hours. You will experience the free feeling of wing skating under professional guidance.




The wing skaten gift voucher, the gift that makes you happy. During the Wing skate clinic you will get acquainted with wing skating. After a short instruction you are guaranteed to make your first meters You will do this clinic with wing skate material from Wind foiling The Netherlands. In addition, we make protective equipment available.

Set up wing skate clinic

The clinics are held with a maximum of 4 participants. Each participant uses his own wingskate set during the clinic. After a short instruction, you will spend most of your time working with wing skate yourself. Click here for more information about this wing skate clinicis

Book gift voucher wing skate clinic

If you order the wing skate gift voucher online, you will receive a voucher in the form of a PDF file that you can give as a gift. If you then want to book the wing skate clinic, you can do this by this form. It is important to note the name that is also on the order!

Please note! The gift card must be used within 1 year of purchase.

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