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Wing foil lesson

Get off to a flying start with a course of Windfoilen Netherlands

Learn guaranteed to wing foil

We give wingfoil courses under the guidance of experienced and enthusiastic instructors. In small groups you will receive expert instructions and you will lay the basics of wingfoiling in at least 2 lessons! We are using the best equipment from Starboard (board and wingfoils) with Airush and Ensis Wings and Wingfoils. A wing foil course consists of 2 different lessons:

  1. Wing Surfing
  2. Wing Foiling

During the Wing Surfing lesson you will learn how to use the wing and you will learn to pump effectively to be able to make sufficient speed. During the Wing Foiling lesson you will learn how to get on the foil quickly and how to wing foil in a stable way. The number of lessons you need depends on your background. Do you have questions or do you want advice on what is best for you? Call or email us.

Costs and duration of wing foil lessons per participant

# Participants per lessonLessonPrice p.p.
1- Participant1.5 hours€92
2- Participants2 hours€92
3- Participants2 hours€92
4- Participants2 hours€92

Included in the wing foil lessons

  • Use of wingsurf / wing foil board
  • Use of wing foil
  • Use of wing
  • Helmet

Lesson dates wing foiling

Above 10 degrees Celsius and with more than 8 knots of wind for the Wingsurf and 12 knots for the Wingfoil lessons we give lessons. Lesson days are;

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Wednesday and Friday
  • From December to the end of March we do not give lessons

Lesson times

  • Lesson 1: Wing surf lesson: start 11.00 am
  • Lesson 2: Wing foil lesson: start 14:00

Lessons 1 and 2 on the same day

It is possible to follow the wingsurf and wing foil lesson on the same day. Between the 2 lessons there is a 1 hour break. If you want both lessons on the same day, please report this on the registration form. Please note that the lessons are very intensive. Taking both lessons is only recommended if you are in good condition and you are at least a good windsurfer (minimum funboard).

Up to 4 people per group

In our groups, up to 4 people participate in the lessons at the same time. This allows us to give everyone enough attention to get the best out of the wing foil lessons During the lessons, each participant takes to the water with their own wingfoil gear. To ensure that the wingfoil lessons continue with few participants, we work with groups with a varying number of participants. You always pay the same class rate, only the duration of the lesson increases longer as the number of participants increases. This way everyone gets the same amount of attention during class. The more participants, the longer you can practice wing foiling. A win-win for everyone!

What if there’s too little or too much wind?

The wind foil lessons continue when the wind forecast is between 8 and 24 knots. If the wind expectation is less or more, we cancel the lesson. We will let you know by e-mail the evening before the lesson (around 18:00) whether the lesson will take place. If the lesson does not take place, we will schedule a new lesson.


In order to start right away, it is important that you already have your wetsuit on before the lesson starts. You can change in the changing rooms of the water sports centre and after the lesson you can shower. If you don’t have a wetsuit yourself, you can rent it from us.

Address lesson & rental location

Windfoilen Netherlands- Almere
Gooimeerdijk West, Surfstrand Haven 2
1359 KK Almere

Tel no: +31-612138112

There is sufficient parking space at this location.

Payment methods

Paying on location is easy with PIN. In our webshop you can pay safely in the most common ways.

payment methods windfoilen NL

Design of the wingfoil lessons;

Lesson 1: Wingsurfing
  • Start with an explanation of the wind and the prices to be foiled relative to the wind
  • You will receive theoretical instruction on how to get on and stand on the board with.b.v. the wing
  • You will be given theoretical instruction on how to hold the wing to make as much speed as possible
  • You will be given theoretical instruction on how to pump and thoupe with the wing
  • You will be instructed on the tuning of the shelf and the rig
  • Most of the lessons take place naturally on the water, where you learn;
    • Stand on the board with the wing
    • Making speed with the wing
    • Pump technology with the wing
    • Practice with jibes and tack
Lesson 2: Wingfoilen
  • Start by explaining how wingfoils & wing work
  • You will be given theoretical instruction on how to get up on the foil
  • You will receive theoretical instruction on how to stay stable in the air
  • You will receive instruction on the tuning of the board and the wing
  • Most of the lessons take place naturally on the water, where you learn;
    • To come up
    • Stay stable in the air
    • Pumping technology with the wing in the air
    • Practice with jibes and tack

The group consists of up to 4 participants. The instructor goes up the water with you and guides you on the water. Each participant gets their own wingfoil equipment to practice with.

When booking a wingfoil course, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Windfoilen Nederland.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons do I need?

Do you need to be able to windsurf to learn how to wingfoil?

How old do you have to be to participate in the wing foil lessons?

Is learning to wing foil heavy and intensive?

How can I best prepare for wing foiling?

The location in Almere on the Gooimeer ideal for wingfoilen

The location where the wing foil courses are held is ideal for wing foiling. We can go into the water via a sandy beach and after about 20 meters it is deep enough to get on and sail away. The Gooimeer is sufficiently deep everywhere and there is enough space to wingfoil unhindered. Our address is: Gooimeerdijk West, Surfstrand Haven 2 in Almere Haven. Check out the current images via the webcam here.

Free parking on the surf beach

On the Gooimeerdijk at the surf beach there is sufficient parking space for car and possibly a surf trailer or caravan. The good news is that parking is FREE!

Wingfoil course fun to give as a gift

Tip! Give a wing foil lesson gift to someone. You can purchase a wingfoil gift voucher from us. The lucky one can then book the wingfoil course with us. Look here for more information about the gift voucher.

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